Schedule Adherence


One of the most common problems facing companies today is knowing how well their suppliers are performing and having this information to hand when conducting supplier reviews.


We have designed and implemented a simple amendment to the Sage 50, Line-100 and Sage 200 databases that records the date that the supplier promised to deliver the goods by and the actual date that the goods were delivered. This information can be examined at any time, by supplier, for a selected range of dates within a programmed Excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet shows at the click of a button supplier performance in terms of days early and/or days late for each purchase order line in the given time period. A graph is also automatically drawn showing the same information visually.


This information can then be used when negotiating with suppliers to improve performance and reliability.


This is a very simple example of what is possible by linking your Sage data to the Office suite of products. Many other examples are possible, limited only by the availability of the data and your imagination. If you have a specific need in mind contact us to discuss your ideas.