Microsoft Office


Ever since the advent of Microsoft Office 97 we have been developing solutions for clients that take the Office suite of software and put it to use as it was intended.


Whether you need a custom Excel spreadsheet that is enhanced to provide specialist functionality at the click of a button or a Word document that will automatically take away the drudgery of day to day form filling or even a complete ACCESS database for a specific application we can provide you with the solution.


We have developed bespoke systems for a wide range of clients using Visual Basic in Word, Excel, Outlook, ACCESS and many of the other Office products. In many cases these systems have utilised the ability of Office to transfer information from one application to another. An Excel spreadsheet, for example, that can be automatically emailed through Outlook. Or an Access database that will produce Word letters to send to customers whose addresses are held in Outlook.


Finally, the possibility of connecting all the information you hold in separate places becomes a reality.